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Churches, Non-profits, & Community Service

Community Service & Non-profit Services


Robust Innovative Organizational Solutions (RIOS) is very involved with the mission of the local church (Mark 16:15). RIOS firmly agrees with the saying: “the local church is the hope of the world.” Therefore, RIOS has a sweet spot for helping churches strengthen, become healthier, and thrive.

Research shows around 4,000 churches are planted each year, yet 7,000 close their doors each year (MCGN, 2010). Do the math, there are about 3,000 churches that are dying in communities that desperately need to hear and be encountered by the gospel message of Jesus. This is a serious issue that RIOS does not take lightly. RIOS has gone from saying: “someone has to do something about this; to we will have to do something about this.”

Research also confirms 1,300 pastors and leaders are fired every month, while 1,200 leave because of burn out and isolation. This has to stop, and it will when we partner together with the Holy Spirit. Allow RIOS to covenant with you and your congregation to bring revival and renewal to your church, and we will witness the glory of God together. RIOS has over eight years of church consulting and coaching experience globally. Our expertise is in the following areas:

  • Diagnosis of congregational life and culture
  • Spiritual formation coaching and consulting (one-on-one and with teams)
  • Church and leadership team surveys
  • Leadership development, church renewal, and organizational design
  • Church strategy
  • Seminars, conferences, and preaching
  • Evangelism and missional theology
  • Cross-cultural, multicultural and intercultural ministry
  • Church futures, trends, analysis and scenarios         

Non-Profits & Community Services

RIOS has consulted and coached non-profit and community service agencies throughout the United States and abroad; and firmly believes in restoring communities one person at a time. Our approach is simple: we are very relational. With that being said, some non-profits may qualify for our annual pro bono service or cost reduced discounted rate (as much as 50 %). This is how serious RIOS takes the mission of non-profits and community service agencies (the agency mission must align with RIOS ethics, vision, and mission). For more information please contact us today.

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