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Leadership Coaching

Executive and life coaching has become a leadership phenomenon. But coaching is nothing new. The word coach has its roots from the 1500’s as it described a horse-drawn vehicle (horse and carriage). This type of coach (horse-drawn vehicle) was sought out by people to take them from one place to another.  In the 1880’s the word coach took on another form in sports, which described a person who assisted another or a group to move them from one place to another.

Executive and life coaching today is when one person (a leadership coach) comes alongside another (person being coached) to help them achieve higher goals. RIOS coaches are trained, experienced and skilled; and are dedicated to impacting high achievers and their organizations. Our coaching expertise is in the following areas:

  • Complete assessments on individual leaders and executives or their organizations to determine the level and type of coaching needed  
  • Deliver seminars and training sessions on coaching for organizational coaching initiatives
  • 360° degree feedback
  • Provide accountability
  • Equip and train executives
  • Assess behavioral and organizational change potential
  • Executive leadership and organizational development
  • Career and life coaching
  • Team and organizational coaching for long-term profitability and organizational growth