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“Not just a consultant, but a man who knows how to develop leaders and followers alike. Do consider RIOS (Robust Innovative Organizational Solutions) and its founder, Peter Rios, to help your business create value and build strategic vision! FEMTAC has found Peter's expertise and inspiration to be invaluable.” --Leah Olszewski, MBA, President of FEMTAC

Driven. Passionate. Determined.

Pedro Rios is the epitome of the adjectives above.

Rios is naturally talented in many areas.  His level of intelligence and creative thinking is a superior strength that helps him to quickly work and resolve any leadership challenge.  He is always in a self-development mode that keeps his knowledge and ability to resolve challenges faced by his clients.  The ability to listen to his clients, and suggest effective changes to projects when needed, was an immeasurable value to Digital Forensic Services. --Jerome Taylor, DFS President 

Veteran Surface Solutions

“Peter Rios is a people person to put it mildly. His skill and insight make his benefit to a company invaluable. The discussions I had with Peter took me from balancing on the edge of where to go next to beneficial steps in the right direction. I recommend peter to all my associates without hesitation.” --Christopher Deschenes, Owner at Veteran Surface Solutions, LLC

Beyond the interface

“Peter is an amazing presenter. He engages his audience with an in-depth knowledge of his subject matter. He provides guidance to clients and colleagues on how to better engage with others through "Strategic Foresight". As he tells the story, he exhibits enthusiasm and a real mindful spirit. His presentation encourages us to do likewise.

As a member of the Rochester Professional Consultants Network (RPCN), Peter has been a real asset to the organization, contributing to moving the organization forward…I recommend Peter as a colleague and guide for those seeking to become leaders, or those leaders looking to better engage with and motivate their colleagues and teams.” --Michael Van der Gaag, Principal and Owner, Beyond the Interface, Previous President of RPCN

“Peter Rios communicates with clarity, makes good sense, and projects a warm, friendly, caring demeanor. At one of his previous workshops, Peter facilitated a session related to strategic foresight. He offered useful information and, equally important, encouraged questions from the participants, all of whom were actively involved in the discussion and small group activities. I look forward to engaging with Peter again and again through his company, Robust Innovative Organization Solutions. I have no doubt that RIOS will become a key community resource.” --Judith E. Shenouda, Owner, Author and Publisher.


“Peter is a passionate and driven man with a true vision for a new way of worship…It is with great honor that I recommend the services and talents of Mr. Peter Rios, his training and coaching will ensure success within any organization.” -- Michael Penney, CEO: PARATUS

Partner at Mubeta

“Peter is a very talented teacher, communicator, and presenter. I've attended his workshop and have gained useful insights into strategic leadership. I look forward to collaborating with him on future projects.” P. Collin Paran,Analytics & Social Media Business Strategist, Partner at MuBeta     

Syracuse University

“I have had the pleasure and honor to work with Peter during the EBV at Syracuse University. Peter is a well-rounded expert in leadership development and sustainability. Peter exemplifies the true traits of a leader and an entrepreneur. I recommend Peter highly as he has the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to achieve the expected outcomes!” --Mirza Tihic, Director of Program Support Services at IVMF

Northeast Seminary
Mr. Rios is an extraordinarily-gifted forward thinker, careful listener, and strategic leader. His consultation with Northeastern Seminary helped us think through critical questions and provided important insights for the Seminary’s future planning. It is a privilege to recommend Robust Innovative Organizational Solutions.  Dr. Cullum, NES Dean